Lambskin by vegetable tanning

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Lambskin 100% by vegetable tanning, no Azo, formaldehyde, pentachlorphenole, heavy metal or other hamful substances.

Size: lenght approx 70-80 cm.

For crib,cot and bed. The sheepskin gives babies the pleasant sensation of softness and natural warmth.

Our cuddly and soft sheepskin rugs:
✶ insulate for temperature in any season
✶ are cool in summer, warm in winter
✶ are cuddly soft
✶ increase well-being by promoting relaxation and blood circulation
✶ can accompany your baby everywhere: in the stroller, in the jogger, in
the playpen or as a pad
✶ can be used as blanket or pad to change nappies
✶ easy to care for: fully washable up to 30 °C (86 °F) with special
sheep skin detergent.

Made in Austria by Popolini.


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barbara on 21/10/2015

Il bene acquistato è un regalo, quindi non riesco a dare un feed back diretto sul prodotto. Per quanto riguarda il servizio e la consegna, tutto bene.

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