Man short sleeve Sport shirt in organic virgin wool and silk

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Man sport short sleeve shirt. Made of 70% organic virgin wool, 30% silk and 2% elastane. Fabric weight: 150 g/m²

Superfine and extremely light, these garments make an ideal base layer, the first layer that is worn directly against the skin. These stretchy, high-performance base layer pieces won't wear out, and conform to every movement without constricting. Lightweight and yet cozy and warming, this material made from superfine merino wool and silk is exceptionally effective in supporting your skin functions by regulating body temperature and managing moisture.

Available in black or gray.


The combination of merino wool and silk results in maximum breathability, comfortably insulating the wearer agains temperature extremes. The inclusion of 2% elastane reinforces the natural elasticity of the wool fibers and guarantees that they will retaing their shape extremely well in movement.

Engel Sports products provide the highest level of functionality for nearly every type of athletic activity, both indoors and out. The superlative properties of the material and the fitting design allow the garments to adapt to the body, conforming to the wearer’s every movement. The natural properties of the wool/silk blend prevent bacteria from setting, which greatly reduces the buildup of odor caused by sweat. These garments don’t need to be washed very often, simply airing them outdoors will make them seem like new again. The wool fibers absorb UV radiaton naturally protecting against the damaging effects of sunlight on the skin.

Manufacture in accordance with the strictest criteria for socially responsible labor practices and ecological production throughout the entire process:

  • Sheep shearing according to the strictest animal welfare guidelines

  • Treating the wool with Naturetexx

  • Dying process with healt-friendly and environmentally -friendly colors

  • Merino wool from certified organic live-stock in South America

  • Spinning of the wool with the silk

  • Manufactured in Germany

Machine washable at 40°C with wool detergent, thanks to a state-of-the-art fabric finishing process that adds no harmfull and toxic chemicals.

About Engel

Engel was already producing knitted nappies in the 1960s from bleached cotton. By using untreated cotton in 1982 the company started to concentrate on natural textiles in an exemplary and consistent way.

Today our range contains a complete natural nappy changing system, underwear for babies, children and adults, a nightwear assortment for children and babies, baby outerwear as well as a small range of fleece clothing from pure cosy Merino virgin wool for babies, children and adults.

Besides organic cotton we use the finest organic Merino virgin wool, natural organic Merino virgin wool with silk and organic cotton with silk. All the dyestuffs we use are free from heavy metals and have always been free from harmful AZO-dyes. For colouring our woollen textiles we use only reactive dye, which compounds particularly well with fibre and stands out for its excellent fastness. We abstain from any kind of chemical finishing with our textile processing. Basically all used agents should be bio-degradable and must not pollute soil, air and water. All of the metal parts that we employ are free from nickel; other materials stem from natural renewable resources. In order to guarantee our high quality level certain requirements have to met such as: light fastness, resistance to spittle, fastness to perspiration, washing and shrinking. These characteristics together with maximum permissible values for hazardous materials damaging the environment and health are regularly tested in independent environmental laboratories.

It is also part of our company’s philosophy to consider aspects of ecological production and waste management as well as human ecological standpoints. We also place a value on short routes of transport as well as on social aspects.

As a founding member of the ‘Arbeitskreis Naturtextil e.V.’ and the International Association Natural Textile Industry e.V. as well as a main initiator of an international ecological textile standard, we will continue to be committed to superior ecological quality – for your skin and for the love of our environment.

Detailed information about the used raw materials you will find under the heading of Materials and Encyclopaedia.


Wool & Silk


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Alessia on 29/12/2019

L'ho regalata a mio marito che la usa per arbitrare e quando si allena. Beh ne è entusiasta! Lo tiene asciutto e al caldo senza pizzicare ne praticamente puzzare. Si può tranquillamente usare anche come maglia termica per tutti i giorni, da mettere soto la felpa o il maglione.

Letizia on 11/03/2019

Maglia stupenda,morbida e calda.Il mio compagno la trova ottima .L'unico neo,a parer mio,è che ha perso un pò di forma lungo le cuciture nonostante abbia usato il detersivo lana e il programma idoneo.Facendo il paragone con la maglia grigia di sola lana della living crafts,che ho preso per me,devo dire che sono più soddisfatta della seconda.

Eva on 06/12/2018

Ho regalato questa maglia a mio marito per l'invero da usare al posto della maglietta della salute quando va a lavoro (lavora in esterno). Il tessuto è morbidissimo e non pizzica. è ben aderente e tiene molto caldo. le cuciture sono ben fatte e belle anche da vedere. Ottimo prodotto. Il costo è alto ma la qualità è eccellente.

Marco on 30/10/2018

Questa maglia è veramente ottima, assomiglia ad un tessuto tecnico ma è di lana. Anche sudando molto la maglia resta asciutta e la traspirazione è ottima. La porto tranquillamente sotto i vestiti anche quando lavoro oltre che per escursioni ed attività sportiva. Non la lavo ogni volta ma la metto fuori all'aria e non emana mai cattivi odori.

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