Men's brief in undyed ribbed organic cotton

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Men's brief, mid rise, made of 100% undyed ribbed organic cotton. Mid rise pattern.

Prices vary depending on the size.

Made in Germany brand Engel (30 years of experience in the sector of natural textile).

Organic certification IVN.

About Engel

Engel was already producing knitted nappies in the 1960s from bleached cotton. By using untreated cotton in 1982 the company started to concentrate on natural textiles in an exemplary and consistent way.

Today our range contains a complete natural nappy changing system, underwear for babies, children and adults, a nightwear assortment for children and babies, baby outerwear as well as a small range of fleece clothing from pure cosy Merino virgin wool for babies, children and adults.

Besides organic cotton we use the finest organic Merino virgin wool, natural organic Merino virgin wool with silk and organic cotton with silk. All the dyestuffs we use are free from heavy metals and have always been free from harmful AZO-dyes. For colouring our woollen textiles we use only reactive dye, which compounds particularly well with fibre and stands out for its excellent fastness. We abstain from any kind of chemical finishing with our textile processing. Basically all used agents should be bio-degradable and must not pollute soil, air and water. All of the metal parts that we employ are free from nickel; other materials stem from natural renewable resources. In order to guarantee our high quality level certain requirements have to met such as: light fastness, resistance to spittle, fastness to perspiration, washing and shrinking. These characteristics together with maximum permissible values for hazardous materials damaging the environment and health are regularly tested in independent environmental laboratories.

It is also part of our company’s philosophy to consider aspects of ecological production and waste management as well as human ecological standpoints. We also place a value on short routes of transport as well as on social aspects.

As a founding member of the ‘Arbeitskreis Naturtextil e.V.’ and the International Association Natural Textile Industry e.V. as well as a main initiator of an international ecological textile standard, we will continue to be committed to superior ecological quality – for your skin and for the love of our environment.



icon Recensioni

Simone on 19/03/2017

Non mi sono trovato molto bene con questo prodotto, dopo qualche lavaggio ha ceduto e adesso sembra il mutandone del nonno.

Luca R on 08/08/2016

Sono ottime: il tessuto è fresco, non restringe ai lavaggi e seguono molto bene le curve del corpo. Consigliatissime!

Marco M on 17/05/2016

Ho riacquistato questo prodotto per la seconda volta perché mi sono trovato bene sia come vestibilità che come resa nei lavaggi. La costina secondo me segue meglio le curve del corpo.

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