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Made of 100% medical grade silicone, it is hypoallergenic, latex free, odorless, healthy. After the use and cleaning keep your cup in the enclosed cotton bag.

Mami's Cup is a viable,economical and ecological alternative to tampons. It was designed and drawn by a woman for other women paying attention to comfort. It's ideal for sports, travel and for the night. The Mami Cup give you maximum protection and discretion for all the cycle. Eliminates irritations by woman pad and gives you maximum freedom throughout the day.

If you should have some gynecological problems please contact  your doctor before starting use Mami Cup.

Istruction for use booklet included in the package.

Available in 2 sizes:

- small size M for women under age 30, and low flow. Dimensions: diameter 40 mm - lenght (without stem) 50 mm - stem lenght 23 mm -  volume to the edge 25 ml - volume to the holes 20 ml.

- big size L for women who are over 30 years and for women under age 30 who have had a natural birth. Dimensions: diameter 45 mm - lenght (without stem) 57 mm - stem lenght 18 mm - volume to the edge 35 ml - volume to the holes 29 ml.

The Mami Cup is really an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to tampons.

  • 100% full-value alternative to sanitary napkins and tampons
  • the most modern intimate hygiene product for ladies
  • easy to use
  • “regardful of the environment” – lifetime from 5 to 10 years if maintained correctly
  • silicone of maximum flexibility
  • optimum size and design with a smooth surface for easy use and maintenance
  • made of the highest quality medical silicone, used exclusively in the medical and food industry


- The Mami Cup is not a contraceptive

- The use of Mami Cup will not protect you against of sexually transmitted diseases

- By using the Mami Cup the risk of bacterial disease is reduced and the occurence of toxic shock syndrome (TSS), a danger, e.g. in the use tampons, is prevented, but if you suddenly feel severe nausea during menstruation although perfectly healthy before, if you have high fever (39°C or higher), if you vomit, have diarrhoea, headache, sore throat, if you faint, feel muscular pain or if a rash appears similar to that of skin burnt by the sun, seek medical assistance immediately. If you have already experienced TSS, consult a doctor before further usage. Menstrual cups are not associated with this disease (TSS).

- If you have feel burning, irritation, inflammation of the genital or discomfort while urinating please contact immediately your gynecologis

- It is not advisable to exchange your Mami Cup with other women


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Cristina on 14/01/2016

Sono soddisfatta dell'acquisto, io l'ho trovata comoda e non mi ha dato mai alcun fastidio una volta inserita. Mi ci sono voluti un paio di tentativi per metterla e toglierla, ma poi non ho piú avuto problemi. Ero preoccupata ci potessero essere eventuali non ce ne sono state.

Gabriella on 23/09/2015

Per adesso trovo la coppetta poco elastica e flessibile. Spero si ammorbidisca con l'utilizzo.

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