Insoles of merinos wool

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Insole in 100% merino wool and latex foam layer, very warm and light.

Colour: natural white.

Made in Poland with European wool by Alwero.

History of Alwero commenced in 1999 with the idea for shared future conceived by two youg people. Quite soon we put this idea for life into practice by setting up a company and a family. Over the years of our business activities we have gained knowledge and experience in the field of wool . the basic raw material used by us, placing a particular emphasis on the needs of our costumers. We are incessantly driven by the wish to give people a chance to take advantage of the benefits wool carries. At the present we offer the widest in Europe range or products made of pure sheep wool.

Recognized certificate and statements:

Woolmark is definitely the most famous textile brand. It is the guarantee of content and quality. An international brand which attests and certifies achievement in Pure Virgin Wool, where "pure" means 100% wool, and "virgin" indicates that the article is manufactured with fibers that have not been previously processed or recovered from previous industry;

Human friendly (eco friendly product) product "friend of human health". The certification ensures that the process of production of textiles is in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable in the field of hygienic requirements for the working environment. The rules regarding the requirements for certification Human Friendly are established on the basis of the parameters adopted by OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100, developed by the International Association for Research and Measures in the field of Textile Ecology.

Characteristics of products with the above-mentioned certifications:

- do not contain carcinogens and allergens,

- do not contain carcinogens and allergens,
- do not contain dyes or heavy metals and formaldehyde above the limit values​​,
- the dye does not contain aminophenol
- the pH corresponds to the conditions of the human skin
- were tested for resistance to the dye, and their level is in line with the requirements of the European standards

- Safe for child certified safe for the health of children. The determination of the label certifies that the product is safe and comfortable for the baby.

The criteria for the certificate are:

- Composition of the product suitable for the specific purpose of using the same in relation to the age of the child;
- The products subject to certification do not contain harmful chemicals;
- The design of the product provides the functionality and safety of use;

- The producer is able to maintain stable production and ensures the repeatability characteristics of the products within the validity period of the certificate.


Organic wool


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Cristina on 27/01/2020

Qualità ottima soletta molto calde

Fabio on 11/11/2019

comode e morbide tengono il piede caldo e asciutto

Francesca on 05/01/2019

Donano spessore, permettendo così di calzare scarpe altrimenti troppo ampie. Morbide e confortevoli; tengono il piede asciutto e caldo.

Beppe on 10/02/2017

Concordo con le precedenti recensioni. Dovevo solo scoprirle prima

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Mirko on 19/12/2016

Confortevoli e morbide.
Il piede rimane costantemente al caldo.
Assorbono il sudore che rimarrebbe tra calza e piede

davide on 15/12/2016

funzionano bene, trattengono qualche peletto del calzino, donano calore soprattutto in combinazione con le scarpe che vendete stupende, anche molto utili per calzare meglio in una scarpa leggeremente grande

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