Millet husk pillow for crib

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This pillow is suitable for the rest of the babies because the husk millet ensures comfort, breathability and and is soft and silky to the touch, gently rustles under the head. The pillow comes with a protective lining 100% cotton without zip.

Size: 30x20cm.

Filling 100% husk millet - Lining 100% raw unbleached cotton - External pillowcase 100% pure natural undyed cotton.

Made in Italy.

The articles filled with husk millet are NOT washable, just expose them to air and sun to allow the husk to regenerate, releasing the absorbed moisture. The external removable pillowcase can be mashine washed 30°.

A padding from the varied characteristics is that of husk of millet, which is first of all antiallergic (fundamental thing) and then has the characteristic of being elastic, very breathable and lightweight. It adapts to all forms but can not deform ever (thanks to the 'elasticity of the grains purposes); guarantees pure relaxation and a sense of well-being spread. Thanks to the softness and fineness of its grains, millet is particularly suitable as stuffing for pillows intended for children or for those who are forced to stay in bed for long periods. Millet invigorates very bones, cartilage and purifies the skin (due to the presence of a high rate of silicic acid that gives elasticity to the tissues).


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Valentina on 14/12/2016

Piacevole scoperta qusto guanciale. E' morbidissimo ed al contrario della pula di farro non si sentono i chicchi. Molto pratica la possibilità di sfoderarlo per poter lavare la foderina esterna. Un profumo eccezionale dato dai chicchi interni. Complimenti

benedetta on 27/10/2014

sguscia un po' sotto il capo

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