Kit Mobilaria Baby Bird

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Mobilaria: this name describes it perfectly, Mobilaria are wool birds, which you collect and hang in a mobile; it just takes a small breeze for them to fly around happily. Mobilaria are made in such a way that they match the seasons and festivities, such as the birth of a child, valentine’s day or a birthday.

The mobilars can be hung in a wooden mobile which is called a "mobilar". In the Mobilar, the matching mobile, there is room for 7 birds. Its lots of fun to make all 7 birds and to fill the mobile.

100% pure wool.

Size: 8x 13 cm

Woolen felt is an ancient woolen material that has been rediscovered in recent decades and used in very different fields, such as art, architecture, home decoration and the high segment hobby and crafts. De Witte Engel has been offering the loveliest 100% woolen felt that there is for more than 20 years. The woolen felt from De Witte Engel is sturdy, has a wooly appearance and is slightly thicker than other woolen felt.

Information about the origin and safety of woolen felt: Woolfelt from De Witte Engel is made in Europe from new wool from South America or New Zealand. The dyes for coloring the felt satisfy the EN 71 art. 1, 2 en 3 guidelines. This means that the felt is safe for use in children’s toys.

The felt sold under the name TrueFelt distinguishes itself from others by its woolier look and a slightly greater weight per meter. TrueFelt weighs ca. 450 gram per meter. The felt is made from pure wool from South American breeds of sheep and produced in Europe.

The properties of TrueFelt make this material extremely suitable and safe for chidren’s toys 4 years and older. Furthermore, TrueFelt is often used for interior decoration, wall finishing and upholstery. Thanks to the natural character of this 100% woolen felt, TrueFelt has a huge number of applications and is a highly valued product.

The properties of TrueFelt are:

TrueFelt is pure woolen felt

TrueFelt is felt made from pure wool

TrueFelt is felt made from South American sheep

TrueFelt is felt produced in Europa

TrueFelt is felt that satisfies the European guidelines (REACH) for  fabricating pure woolen products

TrueFelt is a woolen felt that is dyed with non-toxic and heavy metal-free dyes which satisfy the EN 71, art. 1, 2 and 3 guidelines

TreuFelt is safe for children and can be used in children’s toys

TrueFelt is machine-washable using a wool program no warmer than 30 degrees

TrueFelt can shrink just slightly, but usually no more than 5%.

TrueFelt can be ironed using an average warm temperature

TrueFelt is flame retardant and can be used for heat and sound insulation.


The CertiFelt is in addition to the woolen felt guarantee given by De Witte Engel, also ökotex certified.

CertiFelt is made in Europe and the pure new wool comes from South America. The felt is dyed with toxin-free dyes according to the EN 71 art. 1, 2 and 3 requirements for safe use in, for example, toys for children. The felt satisfies the European REACH directive and by normally use, doesn’t fade.

The felt can be dry-cleaned or washed at wool wash 30 degrees and ironed using a medium warm iron.


INFO ON THE MANUFACTURER: De Witte Engel is located in The Netherlands and established on January 1st of 1990. De Witte Engel designs and produces their unique innovative textile hobby and craft products made from natural raw materials. De Witte Engel is very motivated to bring this type of handicraft to secure the future textile creativity for people from 4 – 90 years young. The mission of De Witte Engel is "De Witte Engel for creative fun"


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