Nappy change Zinc Oxide cream - Organic Vegan

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Thick emulsion, useful to prevent and treat the baby’s and child’s skin irritation. Its ingredients have a synergic action one each other, and protect the skin and restore the skin balance.

Instructions for use: apply a generous quantity of product to the nappy area, with particular care for the irritated skin. For external use only.

Airless Bottle 50 ml - PAO 12 months

Certified Vegan OK. Certified Organic cosmetics 95 Product tested and certified by the Soil and Health Ltd. in accordance with the DTP 03 nr. cert. ITASS DTP3-023


Active Principles


  • Bisabolol: extract from the chamomile essential oil, having skin lenitive and repairing properties. Allantoina: lenitive and repairing damaged skin; it improves the absorption of the active principles in the skin layers. Extra-virgin Olive Oil: highly emollient and rich in antioxidants; particularly recommended for babies and children since it contains a high percentage of unsaponifiable squalene, molecule similar to the one present in the human skin, thus extremely dermocompatible. Zinc Oxide: its astringent and lenitive properties makes it recommended to treat the skin nappy  irritation and bed-sore. The product used has a grain size of 100 microns, therefore it is not a nanomaterial.
  • Vitamins E and  A to protect the baby’s skin


Ingredients: Aqua, zinc oxide,  chamomilla recutita flower water, olea europaea fruit oil, glycerin, butyrospermum parkii, butter  caprylic/capric triglycerides,  cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, stearic acid, sodium lauroyl glutamate,  allantoin,  propanediol,  bisabolol, phenethyl alcohol, parfum, sodium phytate, undecyl alcohol,,  tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitaten, lecithin, citric acid.


Produced in Italy by Cosm-etica.

Cosm-etica is composed of a team of professionals for whom the real innovation is to offer natural cosmetics of excellence, with a production cycle and ethical distribution and in balance with the ecosystem in which we live. Simplicity and transparency are two key words of our productions. Eliminate the superfluous but offer only what is useful, few products but multifunctional, multi-asset, concentrated. This means reducing the number of cosmetics to use, reducing consumption, reduced costs for the consumer, reducing the consumption of resources, of pollution, of wastes.


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