Natural sea sponges coral reef

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Natural sea sponges  (size 12/13 cm)

CORAL REEF SEA SPONGES (from the Atlantic sea) with medium size pores, for your personal hygiene, bathing and shower. Recommended for normal skin

The Rosenfeld Sponge Processing Company was founded in 1896 and is the oldest of its kind existing to date in Europe. The Company is of mitteleuropean origin with over a century of business activity through four generations of the Rosenfeld family.

This long-established sponge processing company is still existing after over a century thanks to its solid tradition, professionalism and its thorough knowledge of the sponge fishing localities and above all because of the great experience gained in the processing of natural sea sponges.

Natural sea sponges are pluricellular (multi cellular) marine animals
Derived from this species is the bath sponge, which is taken from the skeletal frame made up of organic materials called “spongin” very elastic and resistant to long usage.

Our sponges are fished by sponge fishermen by means of nets and special tools. The fishermen gather the sponges while paying special care to leave some of the roots on the rock to allow sponges to grow on. Sponges inferior to 7 centimetres in dimension are too small and must not be collected.

In our company, sponges are washed and purified to remove limestone and organic bodies. They are then trimmed one by one by hand by means of scissors, dried and are then ready for sale. The purified sponges maintain their natural colour (honey, light brown) and are particularly resistant. The bleached sponges (light honey) are not treated with harsh bleaching chemicals but with a light oxygenated process.

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