Natural wax pastels

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Soft pastels made ​​from natural materials: wax of carnauba and berries, oils of citrus and palm. High color intensity and brightness, are very covering and adhere to all smooth surfaces. Raincoats.

Packaged in a nice metal box containing 10 pastels.

Ideal for beginners, for writing and painting.

If stored under cool conditions the pastels may form a witish patina, this does not affect the quality of the pastels and in fact is a sing of a high quality pure beeswax.

Content: 100% pure beeswax, vegetable wax and oils, vegetable stearine, lanoline (wool fat), kaolin, chalk, organic pigments.

Made in Germany

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Barbara on 21/07/2015

Li trovo ottimi: bei colori pastosi, hanno un odore buonissimo e le manine della mia bimba sono al sicuro! Nei mesi più caldi li tengo in frigo.

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