Natural wax 15 pastels for fabrics

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Pastels made ​​from natural materials, you can draw directly onto your fabrics. Not suitable for synthetics or wool.

Set of 15 assorted colour pastels packed in a carboard box.

Age: + 3 years.

Content: 100% pure beeswax, vegetable wax and oils, vegetable stearine, lanoline (wool fat), kaolin, chalk, organic pigments.

Wash and rinse fabric before drawing. Place a strong piece of cardboard under the fabric or in between front and back side. Stretch soft fabrics. Draw with short strong strokes. Always work with the grain of the fabric. When finished drawing, place an absorbent piece of paper under the fabric. Iron the backside of the drawing (no vapor) till no more colur leeches off. Then iron directly on the drawing without any paper. After 2 days wash the fabric at 40°C with a delicate detergent without optical whiteners.

Made in Germany

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