Nawaro finger paints - 4 jars

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Nawaro Finger Paints are creamy, non-drip, high opacity and brilliancy. Natural, bright paint colours made from renewable raw materials.

Contents: 4 pots of 150g each

These natural paints contain natural food colouring and are ideal for all techniques especially popoulr with children: painting, dabbing, stencilling, stamping, scraping, cork and leaf printing and much more. The water-soluble, dilutable paints can be mixed with each other and are suitable for painting on paper, glass*, wood and many other surfaces, with fingenrs of with a paintbrush. These tried and tested natural paints for children, artists and crafters promote the inborn creativity of children and encourage them to experiment.

*in used on window panes, the paints may become runny again to condesation caused by low outside temperatures.

Once dry, it is possible to rub the paints off surfaces; they can also be rubbed or brushed off fabrics. The finger paints are water-soluble and washable.

The nawaro finger paints are lactose-free but not gluten-free.

Bittern: denotiumbenzoat.

Preservatives: phenoxyethanol.

WARNING: Children under the age of 3 should be supervised by adults.

Made in Germany.

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