Newborn gum massager

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Gum massager is a finger toothbrush that fits over a parent's finger like a thimble (ideal since 2 months). Recommended by dentists, speech therapists and lactation consultants for the stimulation of the mouth.

Facilitates teething, stimulates circulation, reduces the sensation of pain, reduces itching, helps the eruption of the teeth, massage gums and serves for the first dental care.

Made from medical grade silicone resistant to the bite, they can be sterilize after use.
Pack of 2 pieces.
Made in Germany by Mollis.


icon Recensioni

Laura on 22/05/2017

Molto comodo.

Francesca on 15/12/2016

Lo uso da quando sono iniziati a spuntare i denti, è molto comodo.

Francesca on 14/03/2016

Sono contenta dell'acquisto, è pratico e morbido, io lo uso anche per pulire la lingua.

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