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Dark Blonde Blend, ideal for obtaining cold dark blond nuances on ash and blond (light or dark) hair. On light blond shades brings cool shades of dark blonde. On light brown backgrounds it brings a simple luster to the hair. Given the low presence of lawsonia, this mixture does not usually bring warm or coppery reflections even to long laying times.

Contents: 1 bag of 100 g

CERTIFICATION. All Phitofilos products have undergone the necessary tests to evaluate their safety and purity: absence of harmful heavy metals and controlled values on minerals present in plants, without picram, absolute skin tolerance, absence of pathogens and molds, without chemical agents.

INGREDIENTS: Indigofera Tinctoria Leaf Powder, Lawsonia Inermis Leaf Powder, Juglans Regia Shell Powder, Juglans Regia Leaf Powder

Phitofilos is an Italian company based in Rome, the owners have 40 years of experience in the herbal and natural sector, and they want to disclose the benefits that nature can even give the most demanding hair, with the belief that a healthy hair is the result a balanced style of life and attentive to the products it uses.

HEALTHY AND PROTECTED HAIR. All Phitofilos lines have been studied and tested to take care of hair in a healthy, natural and delicate, combining the aesthetics, hair health, the environment and people. The aesthetic result is a natural consequence, a healthy mirror.

REFLECTIONS UNIQUE AND NATURAL. The alternative to chemical dyes for gray coverage exists and is all natural. The world of dyeing herbs is rich and stimulating as it is able to offer to each hair a different answer. Henna and many other herbs riflessanti, in addition to ensuring the natural nuances of color, have a beneficial and protective action.

CERTIFICATION. All Phitofilos products have been subjected to the necessary tests to assess the safety and purity: absence of harmful heavy metals and values ​​controlled minerals in plants, absolute skin tolerability, absence of pathogens. This is the quality that is offered to those who choose a Phitofilos product, in full compliance with applicable laws.


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