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Limited edition case to support ANIMALS ASIA, perfect to use every day to contain stationery, make-up, or cosmetics. Design case is essential, clean and cared for in every detail, made of resistant materials cruelty-free, such as high-quality polyester and faux leather vegan Saffiano.

Dimensions:  L 20 W 5 H 7

Material: eco-friendly, high quality polyester. Vegan leather details.


Miomojo is an Italian brand based in Bergamo, producing bags and accessories with Italian Design and Cruelty-free materials. Their goal is not only to create a vegan brand, but also to contribute significantly to make stylish and sustainable products, ensuring the they are not harming people, the environment or the animals we share our planet with.

Brand features:

  • They use materials that do not come from the exploitation or killing of animals, without sacrificing style. All Miomojo materials are absolutely cruelty-free!
  • They donate 10% of the net profit to national and international associations selected with care in support of projects to help the animals.
  • They are supplied by companies that take good care of their employees and produce in an ethical and integrity manner, following their guidelines.
  • They create sustainable, beautiful and reasonably priced products, thereby encouraging conscious buying behavior with an eco-friendly, cruelty-free fashion.
  • Miomojo is a "PETA Business friend", which means that all their products are certified by Animalfree fashion VVV + from LAV and approved by Vegan from PETA. Their products never use leather, leather, fur feathers, silk or wool.
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Alessia on 23/01/2020

Davvero molto bello e in più sostieni un’ottima causa!

Francesca on 21/08/2019

Avevo già acquistato lo zaino Vegan Essential e ora ho preso questo bell'astuccio abbinato. E' ben rifinito, ha anche una piccola tasca interna chiusa con zip ed è totalmente Cruelty Free.

Angelina on 19/03/2019

Prodotti di qualità, perfetto

Silvia on 05/12/2018

Astuccio comodo da portare in borsa per contenere trucchi per i ritocchi durante la giornata. Molto carino!

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