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Deoly cream deodorant super fresh at long duration. Ideal for sportsmen and those who want a breath of freshness. Triethyl citrate limits the activity and development of malodorous substances, together with the absorbent and antibacterial properties of green clay. The fresh scent of mint, sweetened by vanilla, persists for a long time on the skin, immediately giving a fresh and clean feeling.

Indications: for normal skin and intense sweating.

Fragrance: mint and vanilla (hypoallergenic). Hypoallergenic product

Deoly deodorants meet the needs of the whole family, with effective and delicate formulations that do not alter the physiological pH of the skin but tend to normalize its acidity, avoiding the formation of bad odors. Without affecting the process of physiological sweating and the natural microbial flora, they combine natural ingredients to exploit different mechanisms of anti-odor action:

  • absorbent - the rice starch and the clays present physically capture the odorous molecules, or they adsorb them on the surface, transforming them into compounds that are less volatile and no longer smelly;
  • anti-enzymatic - the trieticitrato inhibits the activity of bacterial enzymes, lowering skin pH and limiting activity and bacterial development;
  • antioxidant - tocopherol acetate inhibits bacterial oxidases.

How to use: take a small amount of deodorant, warm it slightly between your fingers and gently massage it on clean, dry skin. One application per day is sufficient, after daily cleansing.

Warnings: store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

Do not exceed the dosage and avoid application immediately after shaving the armpits.

Ingredients: butyrospermum parkii butter*, sodium bicarbonate**, oryza sativa starch**, helianthus annuus seed oil*, theobroma cacao seed butter*, triethyl citrate**, tocopheryl acetate**, solum fullonum**, heterotheca inuloides flower extract**, malva sylvestris leaf extract*, althaea officinalis root extract*, calendula officinalis flower extract*, parfum.

* from organic farming ** ingredient of natural origin


Made in Italy


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Flavio on 03/07/2020

Avevo provato l'altro deodorante della stessa casa, so young, e ho voluto provare anche questo perché è alla menta. Va bene, ma è leggermente appiccicoso, l'altro era perfetto.

Federica on 26/05/2020

buon prodotto,dura l' intera giornata con una piccola applicazione, il profumo è leggero e non sovrasta altri profumi.

Francesca on 14/04/2020

Deodorante molto pratico ed essendo in crema facile da dosare. Lascia freschi e profumati tutto il giorno.

Giulia on 24/01/2020

Deodorante molto efficace e con un piacevole profumo non troppo forte. Peccato solo per la confezione in plastica (motivo per cui do 3 stelle). In passato questa azienda usava solo vasetti in vetro mentre adesso è tutto in plastica. Un gran peccato

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