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Made in Germany.


About NUK

For more than 50 years, we have spent each day seeking new solutions, which make life easier for parents and promote children's development. In our searches we trust experts in many disciplines: midwives, doctors, nutritionists and especially you – the mothers and fathers.

We get the most reliable advice from Mother Nature. As can be seen from our teats. They are asymmetrically shaped – based on a female nipple when breastfeeding. NUK teats naturally adapt to the jaw, train the oral muscles and prevent your baby from swallowing air.

Our whole product range shows that this approach systematically leads to well thought through solutions. NUK products are based on each other and are optimally adapted to the various development stages of your child – from their birth through to kindergarten age. With NUK, you can therefore be absolutely certain that you are always doing the right thing for your child. From the outset.

The logo "BPA free" can be found on all BPA-free NUK products. BPA is a raw material in the manufacture of polycarbonate (PC). We guarantee that we make absolutely no use of materials containing BPA in the manufacture of baby bottles and soothers at our production sites.

:NUK ANTI-COLIC AIR SYSTEMThe NUK ANTI-COLIC AIR SYSTEM reduces harmful swallowing of air by babies during sucking and drinking. All NUK drinking teats are equipped with this system.

The orthodontic NUK teat shape simulates the mother's breast when breastfeeding and therefore provides greater benefit for the healthy overall development of your child.


Warning of the Associations pro Breastfeeding: focus on the use of bottles etc. for those who want to breastfeed. Since it is the baby's request to determine the supply of breast milk, any addition to it (either water or herbal tea) can mean a decrease in the production of breast milk itself, as the baby will have less need to attach himself at the breast.

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Claudia on 06/12/2018

Apprezzo molto la scelta del vetro...Non rilascia odori e non si usura ed e' anche molto bello esteticamente

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