Pillow in pure natural cotton 40x60 cm

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Babies pillow, suitable for cot. Nature pillows with the trade mark Moeco are comfortable, transpiring and improve your rest.

Made from pure raw untreated cotton, zip fastened, removable cover. Filling in pure untreated cotton.

Size: 40x60 cm.

Made in Italy by brand Moeco.

Moeco loves nature

Love for Nature

Moeco since 1958 seeks the welfare of the person in respect of nature. Listen different needs and respond with products of high quality natural, ecologically correct and useful to the improvement of everyday life. Continued research is paid to the natural raw materials, excluding those with chemicals, glues and substances resulting from the laboratory synthesis, favoring suppliers neighbors.


All products are made ​​to be assembled dry jointed, without screws and metal parts. The packaging is minimal, the boxes are small and recyclable material. At the end of their useful life, products are easily removed and dismantled, recycled and zero impact environmental.


Textile products are made using mostly natural fabrics: cotton (organic), pure linen, linen and cotton, 100% pure wool, jute, sisal and viscose.
The pads are natural, each product is accompanied by a label declaring the type and composition: wool, cotton or grain organic, kapok, lenpur (wood fiber), pure linen, camel hair, coconut fiber, foam latex, 100% natural latex. Some special pillows that we produce are made padded recovered from residues of agricultural and food processing, dusted and washed, such as cherry pits, chaff of spelled and millet.
The furniture is hand made with solid wood-grown beech, fir, paulownia or birch, hand-finished with linseed oil and beeswax, to rchiesta dyed with plant pigments.


The design is made after careful consideration needs to be met, taking to materials and environmental impact that they bring, our designers dialogue with all interested partners, adding all the aesthetic characteristics necessary to create products of quality and of long duration. All products are assembled, dismantled and recycled at the end of their useful life.


The production is made in Italy in compliance with all applicable standards, putting foreground the skills and professionalism of its employees. the processing are done by hand or with the use of modern machinery, following the principle of the recovery of processing waste.
The artisans inside the company provide all their long experience to make the best products, conscious of wanting to acquire more and more professionalism through training and continuous dialogue

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