Pink giraffe classic girls soft soled leather baby shoes

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Pink giraffe classic girls soft soled leather baby shoes, recommended by paediatricians and podiatrists as the best choise for little growing feet.

Gentle elasticized ankle insures they stay on. Softest natural eco leather that ensure that your child's feet develop naturally. Soft, flexible sole promotes good balance. No laces to tie or stumble over. Wide toe box to accommodated even the chubbiest little feet. Non-slip suede sole ensures good grip.

Available in 3 sizes

6/12 months = foot lenght cm 12.5

12/18 months = foot lenght cm 13.5

18/24 months = foot lenght cm 14.5

The leather used for children's shoes is category (1) chrome-tanned leather conforms to EN-71 Part 3, tanned leather in this way is free from PCP, Cr VI and azo dyes.

Company profile
Founded in 1996 to make the best leather baby shoes available, shooshoos is a family run business based in Cape Town.
We own our own factories and no shoes leave our ware houses unless they have been individually checked by us for both leather quality and construction.
Shooshoos also has its own design and testing facil ity where stringent tests are carried out on all materials and their as sembly before a new product is offered to
our customers. 95% of our shoe components are sourced in South Africa and every shoe that we distribute is made in South Africa.
Both the soft soles baby shoes and our flexi soles are made in our own factories or by small teams of woman from our local disadvantaged communities.
Most of our employees have been part of the happy shooshoos team for over 10 years and take great pride in the beautiful baby shoos they produce.
Our leathers are eco friendly and have been tested by our South African and the UK Bureau of Standards to ensure they contain noharmful substances.
We use a selection of the best bovine nappa’s, and suede leathers.
All our products and packaging can be fully recycled and our carbon footprint is minimal.


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