Polly raw rubber bathing toy

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Polly the fish is a squidgy tiddly toy -just right for tiny babies and tots. Hevea bathing toys are soft and malleable, yet durable. It’s easy to grasp and squeeze for even the tiniest hands, encouraging baby’s all-important early development skills.

Size: 7 cm - Recommended age 0 months

Unfortunately, today, all too often, so called "rubber ducks" are made out of PVC, which contains the toxin BPA.   What this means at bath time, is that the warm water causes these BPAs to leak.

At Hevea, we like to offer your baby a toxin- and bacteria-free bath time by offer the Hevea 100% natural rubber bath toys. They are all BPA, phthalates and PVC free, with no added colours or synthetics. Also to eliminate grime and mould build up inside the bath toys, we have made the bath toys in one piece.

· 100% natural rubber - sustainably produced
· BPA, phthalates and PVC free,
· No added colours or synthetics
· No perforations/hole in the bottom - eliminates grime and mould build up inside
· Soft and tactile to the touch
· No squeaky noise
· The stylish packaging is made from FSC certified paper and biodegradable materials
with Hevea signature graphics printed in vegetabel inks
· Handmade in Spain.

Meets EU standard EN71

The bath toys are made by hand, and there is more then 10 steps before the bath toys is finished, which includes pouring the rubber into moulds, moulding, drying, cleaning, packing etc.
It takes more than 1 week to finish a toy!

Hevea pacifiers, teether and bath toys are made of 100% natural rubber, which is a natural sap coming from the rubber tree. As it is a natural material, it can vary in colour and shape. Also as it is biodegradable, it needs to stay of out sunlight and moist environments to prolong its lifespan.

This also means that it doesn’t always have the same colour and it doesn’t last forever  - as with organic apples, no two look the same – that's the beauty of being natural!!!


For your child's safety - WARNING!


· Do not rip toys apart.

· Check daily/ or before use that the bathing toys are in good condition.
This is done by pulling in the various parts of each toy and checking that it is 
still in good condition. If there are splits or changes in the toy, it should be discarded.

· Hevea is made of 100% natural rubber, which cam darken in color as time goes by

· Very few children are allergic to natural rubber, however watch out for any allergic reactions,
and stop any use if an allergic reaction should occur because of using the bathing toys.


· The bathing toys should be cleaned by hand or in a machine especially
suitable for this, and shouldn’t be washed in a  dishwasher.

· For a more natural approach to cleaning your bath toys, use vinegar.
Mix four parts white vinegar to one part warm water. Submerge the toys
completely or apply the solution to each toy with a sponge.

When the bathing toys are not in use, it should be kept in a clean, dry place out of direct sunlight or contact with a source of direct heat.



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