Pyramid incens "Quiet Nights"

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From the ancient knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine comes the recipe for the "Quiet Nights" incense not acceptable to insects, produced with a mixture of pure plants, herbs and essential oils that, in synergy, effectively perform their action in the surrounding environment, making "quiet" your summer evenings. Because of their pleasant fragrance, these incenses can be used throughout the year.

The natural formula makes these incenses safe for use. Handcrafted using traditional methods, these incenses are characterized by the total absence of synthetic chemicals.

Pack of 10 pyramides and a small tile where to place the pyramid once lit.

Compounds of only herbs, flowers, powders of aromatic woods, roots, resins and other natural products, which burn a pleasant and delicate aroma. Completely free of synthetic chemicals, solvents, mothballs, nitromusks (Musk Ketone/Musk Xiylene/Muschio Ambrette), glues, dyes.

Do not leave the incense stick unattended or within the reach of children.

About Tea Natura

Tea Natura is a manufacturer of detergents and natural cosmetics based in Ancona Italy. Active since 2003 right from the start they are important places objectives: to create biodegradable products in the short term with a focus so the raw materials used; follow throughout the supply chain also taking into account the ethics of their suppliers; using energy from renewable sources; production of concentrated products; everything ultimately revolves around the idea of creating a line of safe products for the environment and for those using them.

Tea Natura is a very lively and despite having already achieved the objectives charge continues experimenting with new formulas in addition to reviewing and improving existing ones. Particular attention is also paid to the choice of the packaging, where it can use an ecological packaging preferably glass, bakelite, paper and recycled cardboard.


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Elisa on 19/05/2020

Non avrei detto che un incenso potesse fare un granché, invece è molto efficace! E l'impressione è che l'effetto duri per un po' di tempo dopo che si è spento

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