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Kit consisting of 3 Pocket OneSize cloth diapers + 6 micropile absorbing inserts (3 medium-large and 3 small size). The Charlie Banana Washable Diaper is soft, practical, dries quickly and has a slim fit.
It is possible to insert both washable and disposable inserts.
One Size Diaper from Three-Month to the passage to potty thanks to the adjustable Bra System and buttons in the waistband.

Polyester and polyurethane outer covering
Inner lining and inserts: microfiber (82 polyester - 18 nylon)


The Pocket One Size cloth diaper is the practical, comfortable and slim fit solution to leave the disposable and choose the cloth diapers for your baby. They are easy to wear and to adjust thanks to the patented Bra System (such as the bras) which, thanks to an elastic in the pocket, will allow you to adapt the diaper to your baby from three months until the passage to the potty. It also minimizes the risk of spills. The buttons on the waist allow you to adjust the amplitude and the elastic on the back provides comfort to the baby by avoiding the diaper string.

The Charlie Banana diaper is the ideal choice for a parent who wants try cloth diapers but who seeks an easy and fast nappy to put and wash, which dries quickly, that is colorful and beautiful.

The option of inserting washable but also disposable inserts allows you to use the Charlie Banana diapers even on special occasions such as travel or when you leave the baby to grandmothers and baby sitters.

The washable insert is placed inside the pocket, put one insert until the urine is small and then put both inserts when the urine is more abundant, while the disposable inserts must be placed over the microfiber part. Once dirty you can throw it into the bucket.

Charlie Banana proudly supports Operation Smile and Save and Project Save Child, two great International Charity Supporters for Childhood. Buying Charlie Banana products helps to save a child's life.



  • They do not contain harmful chemical elements such as chlorine, fragrances or traces of dioxin.
  • They do not cause itching and irritation in the baby because the micropilts dry quickly and allow ventilation.
  • They are comfortable because elastic straps are not tight and materials are soft and carefully selected.
  • They are environmentally friendly because they will avoid the use of about 6,000 diapers (those generally used in the baby's two years)
  • They're cheap because they'll save you money from using usable diapers.
  • They have a slim fit




  • Before the first use, wash the diapers (especially the inserts) several times to increase the absorbency. Wash at maximum than 40 °.
  • Do not use softeners and whiteners. Use only citric acid to soften and percarbonate to whiten.
  • Do not use creams as they decrease the absorption of the nappy.
  • For diapers that have prints, it is recommended to wash them in the opposite direction for maximum printing.


Made in China with care for Charlie Banana.


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Anna on 26/06/2020

I pannolini charlie banana sono i migliori che abbiamo provato della tipologia pocket: belli esteticamente grazie alle fantasie allegre e colorate, poco ingombranti rispetto agli altri Pocket e modulabili grazie al particolare sistema simile alle spalline di un reggiseno e a due inserti di differente taglia. Sono ottimi, assorbono tantissimo e noi ci stiamo trovando molto bene.

Sara on 04/03/2018

Li ho presi nella speranza di trovare una vestibilità meno ingombrante rispetto ai classici pannolini pocket...e sembra (all'apparenza) che sia così! Poi il materiale è morbidissimo... promettono bene, non vedo l'ora di provarli alla mia piccina ❤️

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