Safe to sleep mattress in organic bamboo

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Mattress in Organic Bamboo. Offers the right anatomic support, is breathable & hygienic. Helps reduce reflux symptoms and deformation of the baby’s head.

Mattress 0-5M in Organic Bamboo


  • Helps to prevent the deformation of the baby’s head
  • The angle of 10° helps to reduce reflux symptoms
  • Breathable and hygienic
  • Helps reduce the risk of choking, because the open cell-structure of the mattress ensures a constant air supply
  • Size 30x42cm, height 0 to 5 cm




Made in Italy.

Bamboo has many advantages:

  • ABSORBENT Absorbs up to 3-4 times more than cotton.
  • BREATHING Breathable thanks to the large open cell structure of the bamboo fiber.
  • SUPER SOFT Super soft as cashmere and silk.
  • ANTI BACTERIAL The bamboo plant has great anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties.
  • THERMO CONTROLLER Like wool, bamboo offers freshness in a warm environment and warmth in a cold environment.
  • ANTI ALLERGIC Bamboo is ideal for the sensitive skin.
  • NATURAL DEODORANT Bamboo fiber avoids moisture and sweat accumulate on the skin.
  • UV – PROTECTION Bamboo contains honey pectin which is UV absorbent.
  • REDUCES STATIC ELECTRICITY Bamboo fabric has a nice feeling and behaves like a second skin, for dry and chapped skins.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Thanks to the antibacterial properties of the bamboo plant, it is not necessary to use chemicals or pesticides during processing.
All Bamboom products are fully machine washable at 40 °; Also the baby mattress, the nursing pillow and blanket the corn! Only the knitted fabric of La Ninna 'and' Travel & cover 'is washable at 30 °. Organic Bamboo fabric is easy to iron at low temperatures.



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