Short legging in bamboo and castor fiber

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Natural short legging, dedicated to those who have a style of environmentally friendly life, created especially for sports lovers.


  • 76% VI bamboo viscose
  • 20% NY Organic Castor Oil
  • 4% lycra


Available colors: black, mud gray or indigo.

Ecological Fibers Bamboo and Castor to ensure:

  • great flexibility
  • softness of the garments
  • ultra grip

The result is a collection of garments ideal for practicing sports activities and not, pleasant and soft to the touch. Adherents like a second skin, great flexibility adapt to the body without tightening.

Made in Italy by brand H-earth.

The result is a collection of garments ideal for practicing sports activities and not, pleasant and soft to the touch. Adherents like a second skin, the great elasticity that fit the body without constraint.

This clothing line allows you to:


  1. Delete the sweat in a natural way: the castor fiber is ideal for the construction of sports garments since it is extremely lightweight and highly breathable, quick to dry and especially not require ironing.
  2. Enjoy an high technical comfort: thanks to high breathability generated by the peculiar composition of the fabric garments allow you to have a better temperature control during physical activity for each season along with complete protection
  3. Eliminate odors and bacteria due to the special composition of pleasant and soft to the touch fabric reduces the formation of bacteria and reduces odor.





  • Use non-aggressive ecological detergents
  • recommended hand washing
  • wash 30 ° C delicate cycle
  • Do not iron
  • Do not bleach


Some more information on the NY bio yarn Castor Oil: the EVO® by Fulgar is a highly performing innovative yarn that originates from a biopolymer made of 100% from castor seeds. A unique product of its kind - bio-based derivation - that aims to revolutionize the industry. And 'ultra-light, super stretch and highly breathable, dries quickly and does not need ironing, has thermal properties and natural bacteriostatic: a whole range of values ​​and the distinctive advantages that guarantee maximum comfort and unique performance, in full respect of nature .
Produced through cultivation of castor beans, which grow in arid areas not used for agriculture, the biopolymer behind EVO® by Fulgar has no effect on human and animal food chains, unlike many other bio-based polymers using natural products for the food industry.


Catroil oil

icon Recensioni

letizia on 24/05/2017

Ho preso il prodotto per la palestra:sono comodissimi come una seconda pelle e finito l'allenamento non emanavano alcun odore,pur avendo sudato.
Forse potrebbero essere rifiniti un pò meglio nelle cuciture e poi,tenendo conto che l'azienda è cosi attenta anche da confezionare la merce con carta e non plastica,mi sorprende non usino un filo per allegare l'etichetta, ma la plastica.
Comunque buon articolo.

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