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A light sock, soft as silk and of great comfort, suitable for all seasons. bamboo yarn is brilliant, has remarkable natural antibacterial qualities and the natural ability to absorb sweat. Non-elastic calf model (elastic not in contact with the skin only in the high-end part).

Composition: 100% Oeko-Tex certified bamboo viscose.

Made in Italy

The bamboo yarn used by Mina Volpe is made with recent and innovative production methods, which allow to obtain the viscose through a mechanical process of crushing the woody parts of the bamboo plant with the use of natural enzymes to break the leaves and the shavings , so that the natural fibers can be combed and spun. This is essentially the same eco-manufacturing method used for linen or hemp.

This type of yarn is Oeko-Tex certified.

Bamboo cultivation does not require any pesticide or fertilization. Once cut it grows immediately, and precisely because of these rapid times it is more ecological to use bamboo instead of other fibers. Bamboo yarn is shiny and shiny, similar to silk but softer and has remarkable natural antibacterial qualities. For these characteristics and for its natural ability to absorb sweat, it is a material particularly suitable for the production of socks.

Manufacturer Info: In 2004 Mina Volpe founded LeCalzeNatura, a Lombard niche company, specialized in the production and marketing of socks manufactured using only certified natural and organic yarns. Start with certified organic cotton, then add bamboo, wool and other natural yarns to make comfortable and comfortable stockings for women, men and children.

They are a very small Italian reality and they rely on the productive part of small Italian artisans driven by the same ideals: combining comfort, aesthetics and elegance with sustainability. They look for yarns that can be defined sustainable, then try them and combine comfort and resistance with the sustainability of raw materials and production.

In 2016 the brand evolved into "Mina Volpe" with the CONCEPT "Green up your style" which perfectly represents what they want to convey to people.



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Emanuela on 23/05/2020

Leggeri e freschi, sono i calzini più comodi che abbia mai avuto!

Silvia on 28/01/2020

Comodissimi,leggeri, traspiranti....ho già acquistato altri calzini di bamboo è li trovo perfetti per tutte le stagioni! Superconsigliati!!!

Gloria on 15/11/2019

Molto traspiranti e delicati al tatto; ideali per chi ha problemi di dermatiti, sembrano un velo.
Davvero piacevoli :)

Rita on 11/11/2019

Molto comodi ma al primo uso appena sotto l'elastico ci sono venuti due buchi! Non avevo tempo di restituirli quindi li ho rammendati io.

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Andrea Albino on 04/10/2019

Morbidissimi e molto confortevoli anche indossati parecchie ore al giorno. li consiglio a chi si muove e cammina tanto.

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