Short socks Trame Naturali in organic cotton

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365 is an Italian brand, which produces socks Bamboo, Organic Cotton and Wool Natural, creating models for women, men and children. The socks are designed, researched and produced in Italy with the aim of adding "more color to natural socks" and "more natural to colored socks."

The entire production chain of hosiery 365 is concentrated in the "Italian district of socks" in the province of Brescia, and involves companies which together employ more than 40 employees. The supply chain companies are small businesses, have between 10 and 30 years of market experience, years of enormous challenges and present difficulties to cope with the increasing pressure from imported products.

The thread, fabric, becomes "stockings unfinished", the same then pass the stitching, then washing and drying and finally to the board, annealing and packaging. During the entire production process controls, all manuals, guarantee the quality of the product, its comfort and softness.


icon Recensioni

daniela on 13/05/2017

ottima calza non stringe ed è morbida e piacevole al tatto. Porto 38 di scarpe ma ho preso misura 38/42 che è perfetta. Avrei fatto molto volentieri la scorta ma non c'è più la taglia. Peccato.Come al solito le cose valide non vengono mai riproposte.

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