Single bed sheets Mymami in Organic Raw Natural cotton

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Complete single sheets in percale of pure 100% certified organic cotton GOTS, fabric and packaged in Italy. Mymami sheets gently take care of your skin, combining quality, sustainability and elegance.

COLOR: Natural ubleached cotton, washed only in hot water, just the way mother nature gave it to us.

SET FOR SINGLE BED: top 160x300cm / corner 90x200cm + h. 30cm / pillowcase with 2 side pieces 55x85cm + 20cm flap opening

All items made from cotton shrink after the first wash. Our percale fabric may reduce in size by 5% lengthways and by 1% in relation to the height of the fabric. Taking this completely normal shrinkage into consideration, during the production phase we decided to provide “generous” measurements.

FABRIC: high quality and 100% organic cotton, MYMAMI sheets are made with fabric in percale of 40/40 construction. Hem: cordonnet in two colours.

Packaging: FSC® cardboard box

INFO about the producer: MYMAMI is a trademark of the company Tam srl, founded in 1919: an all-Italian story thanks to the intuition of the founder, Giacomo Isetta, who in the aftermath of the First World War created in Biadene di Montebelluna one of the first companies Veneto cotton fabrics. Today the descendants Alessandro and Fiorella Isetta, express the tradition of a centennial history with the innovation of those who want to satisfy the needs of a clientele attentive to quality and sustainability. The new MYMAMI line comes from this intuition: to create quality textile products thanks to an artisan production process made in Italy from weaving to packaging, and with certified organic raw materials.

Certified chain: MYMAMI textiles are certified organic by G.O.T.S. (certificate 2017-039) and Icea. Certain chemical processes are limited in fiber processing. For coloring and printing of fabrics, dyes with toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents, chlorophenol are strictly prohibited. The entire supply chain is certified: from the sowing to the collection of the raw material, from the processing to the packaging and labeling of the finished product, in order to give a credible guarantee to the consumer.

Organic cotton


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Romina on 03/06/2019

Ho fatto un po' di acquisti di questa marca e devo dire che i tessuti sono ottimi. Le misure però sono enormi. All'inizio non ho restituito i prodotti pensando che con il lavaggio si sarebbero ridotti. Cosi non è stato. Ci spero ancora perché così sono di difficile utilizzo

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