Slip Culotte Basic low rise in bamboo and castor oil

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Low rise slip, dedicated to those who have an eco-friendly lifestyle, for those who have skin problems such as irritations, psoriasis, candida, but also those who love sports. Model end-to-shoulder. Article without labels to avoid bothering your skin. No laces.

Available colors: white, black, lilac or jeans.

Made of 60%  VI bamboo viscose, 36% Evo biopolymer Castor, 4% Lycra fiber (no synthetic on the skin).

Bamboo and Castor: Castor Seeds Get Evo a Biopolymer of Last Generation that combines resistance, comfort and respect for the environment; from bamboo wood cellulose a fiber is obtained, particularly soft and thermoregulatory as hollow fiber. The combination of the two fibers gives life to an ecological, breathable, bacteriostatic, thermoregulatory and soft skin on the skin. Perfect for sports activities thanks to the high rubbing resistance due to castor fiber.

Product Features and Benefits:

- Eliminates sweating naturally

- Comfort high heat, DO NOT overheat
- Mitigates unpleasant odors
- It keeps the body in the middle of summer at a temperature of 1-2 ° C lower
- UV resistant
- Bacteriostatic
- Seamless and without labels.
- Hypoallergenic * (valid only for White)
- Sanitized with Hydrogen Peroxide * (valid only for White)
- Free from chemicals * (valid only for White)
- Dermatological tested at the University of Parma

Made in Italy by brand H-earth.

Is then added, in almost all the heads, a small percentage of elastomer coated to give elasticity to the fabric. In the phase of dyeing is carried out only a washing with hydrogen peroxide without bleaches, antimicrobial agents or other chemicals, and all the production cycle is a low environmental impact. The garments are made without seams and are soft to the touch, suitable in any situation, but particularly suitable for sporting activities. The well-being of a person also depends on what you are wearing and especially if it is in contact with the skin. For this H-earth products are all dermatologically and clinically tested and designed to provide protection to the skin comfort and softness. The garments H-earth are suitable for those who love eco-friendly lifestyle, to those who have skin problems such as irritations, psoriasis, candida, but also those who love sports.

The other resource is renewable bamboo fiber. This fiber is highly eco-friendly and zero impact because its production requires no chemical additives and is completely biodegradable and gives the garments breathable and antibacterial ability.


Use environmentally friendly cleaning products, non-aggressive
30 ° C wash gentle cycle
DO NOT iron
DO NOT use bleach

Bamboo, Castor oil

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Irene on 17/09/2019

indosso una 3-4 , ho preso una L-XL e mi sta strettina... certo essendo molto elastici mi stanno, però segnano. In effetti appena presi in mano mi sono sembrati slip da bambino da quanto sembrano piccoli... inoltre devo dire che lo slip che mi è arrivato è un po' asimmetrico, più lungo e stretto un lato, corto e largo l'altro... peccato, sicuramente non all'altezza del prezzo.

Salve Irene,
questo slip ha un tessuto elastico che coi lavaggi tende un pochino a cedere. Potrebbe segnarti meno più avanti.
Elena on 15/08/2019

Esattamente come descritte.
Mi sono convertita anche io all'intimo di questa marca.

Eleonora on 28/03/2019

comodissime e morbide, ormai acquisterò solo intimo h-earth!

emanuela on 17/08/2018

E' la terza volta che acquisto slip in questo tessuto e non posso che confermare lamia piena soddisfazione!

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Fantastica on 15/05/2018

Aderente e colorata. Piacevole al tatto. Esattamente come la volevo.

elisa on 04/11/2017

Morbidi e comodi. Indossati durante un trekking sono risultati anche traspiranti.

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