Slipper denim Holy in felted wool

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Slip-on slipper in pure wool with felt sole soaked in latex. Slipper with small 20mm heel. Cosy, warm and soft slippers made with natural materials, boiled wool and natural rubber. Carefully and skilfully handcrafted to offer a top-quality slipper. The most appreciated slip-on house slipper: warm and durable, available in different colours, with a rise that gives relief to the whole body, starting from your back.

  • Tyrolean handicraft
  • vanilla scented
  • 100% breathable
  • natural thermoregulation

Available colour: denim.

Made in Italy.


The quality of our footwear is guaranteed by an accurate selection of materials, a careful craft and with great attention to detail.

Careful consideration and research has enabled Löwenweiss slippers to have a comfortable shape with a round end, which can suit any kind of foot. In order to be defined as comfortable a pair of shoes must be at least half a centimetre larger than the foot.

Why do we use felted wool for our footwear?

Felted wool is a very antique textile, one of the first to be used by mankind. It represents the tradition of disparate populations, for instance the Tyrolean with their typical clothes for cold winters are made with “Loden”. Löwenweiss mainly uses felted wool because it is a natural, warm and soft material that can be worn by everyone.

Features of wool:
» Hygroscopic: it absorbs sweat, through a transpiration process, releasing it outside;
» Thermoregulator: it maintains the ideal temperature of the foot;
» Breathable: it helps to refresh the air inside the shoes.

The peculiar manufacturing of the sole

To make footwear one of a kind is not an easy task to accomplish: Löwenweiss does it thanks to the natural latex used in the manufacturing of the sole. Latex is a rough material, which is directly extracted from a tropical rubber tree and is predominantly used in the medical profession. The handmade outsole manufacturing begins with the manual immersion of a felt cloth into latex, which is then left to dry at room temperature. After this process, the sole becomes hypo-allergic, highly insulating, breathable, and resistant to stress.

Features of the sole:
» Hypo-allergenic
» Breathable
» Insulating

Care advice

Löwenweiss slippers will longer keep its characteristic if washed with natural soap in lukewarm water, and then dried at room temperature. The sole, if washed, could become slightly sticky. To prevent this, it can be lightly dusted with talcum powder.
» Hand cold wash 30°C - 65°F
» Do not tumble
» Do not dry clean
» Drip dry
» Dry in shade outside

Löwenweiss 1969

We have always been an artisan shoemakers family since 1969

A craft tradition together with the wool production process: this is our intriguing story from the past.

The name Löwenweiss has its origins from our grandfather Mr "White Lion". So he was called for the first time by a Tyrolean friend, for his strong initiative and his white hair: "Hallo, mein Löwenweiss-Freund, wie geht es dir?".

Since then, the children and even grandchildren kept this nickname in memory of a laborious and dynamic grandfather. And it is with him that the idea of recreating, with mastery and patience a comfortable shoe for the home was born: a slipper made of high quality natural materials!

Three generations later the heirs continue their grandfathers tradition, turning a local and traditional product into a cosmopolitan phenomenon: the Löwenweiss slippers are in demand and sold all over the world, becoming an exclusive home-shoe.

Löwenweiss will always be committed to high quality, only using the best materials and skilled shoemakers. Keeping alive the values of sustainability and respect for the environment which Löwenweiss has always pursued.

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Maria on 23/11/2019

Le ho prese per il mio compagno che solitamente porta un 43 ed erano leggermente piccole
Per il resto sono molto calde, morbide e comode.

Pier Luigi on 12/11/2018

Finalmente una ciabatta per mio figlio che non si compra al supermarket e soprattutto che NON è made in P.R.C. ! Sulla qualità ci vorrà qualche mese per valutarle, ma mi sembra ok e a mio figlio sono piaciute molto. Vorrei più informazioni sulla produzione, sono andato a vedere il loro sito ma non ho trovato nulla per esempio su codice etico e responsabilità d'impresa...

Silvia on 27/10/2018

Ciabatte caldissime, comodissime e morbide. Molto soddisfatta dell'acquisto.

Sara on 22/10/2017

Ciabatte ottime.Leggere,silenziosissime,comode,regolano la temperatura del piede in modo perfetto

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