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These fantastic bags in their mini version are perfect for your child to bring snacks and fruit everywhere. Are ecofriendly and reusable so you can say goodbye to plastic bags and choose between many fantasies modern and trendy. And if the mother is unable to resist these adorable bags can use them to bring the smartphone, keys and some makeup

The housing is made of 100% cotton and the waterproof lining is FDA approved for food contact.

PVCphthalate and lead free. Size 18x9 cm.

Pack of two pieces of the same fantasy.

Product brand Itzy Ritzy

Brand Information


Itzy Ritzy is a friendly company that like many in this area comes to life thanks to the idea of two parents. In this case Itzy Ritzy has thought of smart accessories, multifunctional and can simplify the lives of mothers and children and parenting with "style". Among his most beloved items there are many models of ecofriendly bag made of 100% super soft cotton and designed for quick snacks outside the home and for travel with a thousand fantasies super colorful.


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