Socks in fair trade organic cotton blue Swallows

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Colorful socks in 98% organic cotton and 2% elastane.

G.O.T.S. Certification

Fair Trade product in Turkey

VNS Organic Socks is the company of the Bulums family founded more than 50 years ago in Istanbul to produce well-made socks. The pursuit of quality is still today the pride of the company and includes both the value of what is produced and the working conditions. This is why the Bulums family has chosen to use certified organic cotton, working with the best organic yarns on the market. For the production of striped and solid color socks they use English machines 50 years ago, the same ones that Mr. Bulums, the founder, had bought when he opened the company: the quality they guarantee is hardly reachable by more modern machinery, says Mr. Bulums, who personally repairs them every time they stop!

Turkey is the second largest manufacturer of socks after China: many local factories are huge, with a lot of automation and little labor. VNS Organic Socks has instead chosen to produce with GOTS certified organic yarns, with machines that guarantee great quality and require the presence of specialized operators.

The relationship with employees is also based on the search for quality and added value: the owners want people to be satisfied and happy to work in the company. For this reason they do not create stressful conditions and respect the working methods of each one.

The production space is clean, well ventilated and the climate is positive. Currently 19 people are employed, between office and production, mainly women (two of them there for 30 years!) And also two disabled people with duties they can perform while sitting. Also the economic treatment and the times are good: the salaries are all superior to the national minimum wage and the working time corresponds to the one in force in Turkey of 45 hours a week. Once a month, as a rule, a doctor of the national health service carries out an inspection and in case of necessity visits those who request it, all at the expense of the company. The same doctor checks the health level of the work spaces (laboratories, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.). In addition, all employees have a free midday meal.

Organic cotton


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