Spelt breastfeeding pillow

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Breastfeeding pillow  with removable pillowcase in untreated raw cotton (with ties to close). Padded with organic spelt husks.

This wonderful pillow provides support during nursing. Keeps the child at the ideal height and relieves pain in the back and arms of the mother.

Available in natural white, with small patterned fabric insert (insert colors may vary). Dimensions: lenght 150 cm, diameter 22 cm.

Made in Italy.

This versatile pillow lifts baby to a more ergonomic position for comfortable feedings and relieves pain in the back and arms of the mother, then transitions to the perfect spot for propping, tummy time and learning to sit. Can also be used as reducer or bumpers for the cot.

The spelt husks follows every movement, allowing the muscles to relax so as not to create tension, has a positive effect against pain, is breathable (so you do not sweat in contact with the pillow). The spelt husks do not cause stifling and do not provide environment conducive to the growth of dust mites, as they allow free circulation of air through the inside of the product. Pillows with Spelt husks promote a pleasant and peaceful sleep, they are permeable, and thanks to the elasticity of their padding you can sleep without contractions, the husks follow your movements. Maintains a constant body temperature this prevents perspiration, allows blood to oxygenate best tissue, articulations and internal organs.Thanks to the presence of silicic acid (90%) the spelt husks has many qualities: rejuvenates the connective tissue, has an analgesic effect recognized and proven in menstrual disorders, cervical pains, sciatica, backaches, rheumatism, muscle aches etc..


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