Spelt breastfeeding pillow

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Breastfeeding pillow  with removable pillowcase in untreated raw cotton (with ties to close). Padded with organic spelt husks.

This wonderful pillow provides support during nursing. Keeps the child at the ideal height and relieves pain in the back and arms of the mother.

Available in natural white, with small patterned fabric insert (insert colors may vary). Dimensions: lenght 150 cm, diameter 22 cm.

Made in Italy.

This versatile pillow lifts baby to a more ergonomic position for comfortable feedings and relieves pain in the back and arms of the mother, then transitions to the perfect spot for propping, tummy time and learning to sit. Can also be used as reducer or bumpers for the cot.

A padding from the varied characteristics is that of husk of millet, which is first of all antiallergic (fundamental thing) and then has the characteristic of being elastic, very breathable and lightweight. It adapts to all forms but can not deform ever (thanks to the 'elasticity of the grains purposes); guarantees pure relaxation and a sense of well-being spread. Thanks to the softness and fineness of its grains, millet is particularly suitable as stuffing for pillows intended for children or for those who are forced to stay in bed for long periods. Millet invigorates very bones, cartilage and purifies the skin (due to the presence of a high rate of silicic acid that gives elasticity to the tissues).

The very presence of silicon makes the millet a blessing for so many respects: lewd our mucous membranes and vessels of our cellular tissue, regulates the hormonal system and metabolism ... Millet is a cereal very rich in minerals and therefore is useful for solve many common ailments, such as muscle contractions, all cervical disorders and headaches. The cushions padding made ​​of millet are very enveloping, soft and maintain their characteristics in different seasons.


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Mila on 29/06/2016

Grazie al consiglio di un'amica ho comprato questo cuscino dalla tua mento. Lo sto usando in gravidanza per dormire in modo più confortevole. Mi piace molto e credo sia molto utile e che lo sarà anche in futuro durante l'allattamento.

Ross on 26/12/2015

Comodo, robusto e sopreattutto versatile e pratico.

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