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Cap for water "Classic" and "Sippy" bottles in polypropylene with hook that allows you to attach it to all and make it practical and always at hand.

Material: Polypropylene

Color: Black

Dishwasher safe

Brand information

klean-kanteenKleen kanten is a Californian brand who began designing steel solutions already before the problem of Bisphenol A was aware of the whole world. In 2004 they placed on the market the first steel water bottle and from there a wide range of steel accessories inossabile, ecological and ecofriendly, has been developed to replace the plastic and disposable items and thereby help to reduce pollution environmental. Klean Kanteen's mission has always been to offer quality solutions that would allow people to make better choices and aware.

Klean Kanteen is a member of 1% For The Planet since 2008 and has donated more than the 1% of its annual sales to non-profit organizations working to protect and promote the health of our planet. In 2012 they reached the certification B Corp that such rigorous standards for transparency, accountability and social and environmental performance. In addition to adopt trade policies that support environmental and fair labor practices, Klean Kanteen works with non-profit organizations that work to educate the public about environmental problems and health.

"A Klean Kanteen, the commitment we have made with you and the planet drives everything we do. From our creations in stainless steel to society we drive, we are still on our task is to create high quality items and healthy that will replace disposable ones in the life of every day. It is our hope that you will go back and re-use our products for years and even decades to come. A cup, a bottle, a container at a time lead .. . to great results. " - Jeff and Michelle


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