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Teether touch toy with real amber.

Metal clip easy to fix to clothes of prams allow your child to be able to play safely. Never attach to cords, ribbons, laces or loose parts of clothing

Selected indigenous woods. Non-toxic colours, saliva resistant. Metal part stainless steel (does not cause allergic reaction to nickel). Formaldehyde-free glue.

Size: 15,5 cm

Recommended age 0 months

Baby toys made of wood are indispensable for sensory perception (hearing, seeing, grasping), the development of motor skills and the improvement of coordination. This conveys many sensory impressions which help the baby to explore its surroundings.

How Amber works? The skin's warmth releases healing oils from the amber (a resin) which are absorbed via the skin into the bloodstream. Children wearing amber is a very old traditional custom in Europe and the Far East. Amber is known to reduce inflammation of the throat, ear and stomach and to fight inflammation, infections and respiratory disease. Traditional beaded amber necklaces are a less intrusive remedy for the pain and side effects of teething, such as lack of appetite, upset tummies, ear ache, fevers and colds. A natural analgesic, amber will help calm a baby without resorting to drugs. Amber's anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties are also recognized by allopathic medicine. Amber is long known for the healing properties which include calmative, analgesic, antispasmodic, expectorant, and febrifuge (anti-fever) functions.

Material: beech wood, maple wood and sycamore, wood from select German forest

HEIMESS wooden toys for babies and young children have been "Made in Germany" for over 50 years. .

The branded products are manufactured at our own plant in Vaihingen near Stuttgart.

Heimess wooden toys for babies are now GS-certified! The GS maek ("Gepruefte Sicherheit"=tested safety) is the only legally regulated mark to be issued by independent, certified test institutes for product safety.

Heimess wooden toys for babies stay safe. We supply this safety certificate voluntarily in order to accommodate changes in consumer behaviour and to provide you zith an additional sales argument.

A basic requirement for the manufacture of a quality product is the use of high=grade materials such as indigenous woods (sycamore, beech, walnut), metal parts made of stainless steel which cannot cause an qllergic reaction to nickel, adhesives which pose no health hazard to babies, etc..., etc...

Babies take in the shape and texture of objects to a large extent via their mouths. It is therefore essential that the paints and dyes used in baby toys can also be put in a baby's mouth at no risk. We use water-based paints and dyes which are completely non-toxic and harmless for babies.

Heimess baby toys are quality products. They are manufactured to a large degree by hand. The personal quality standards of each member of staff are a requirement for an outstanding product. We test our products for quality, resilience, chemical residues and toy safety in our own laboratory, as well as through independent, authorised test institutes.

This is the prerequisite that ensures the consistent observance of the strict European safety standards EN71-1:2005 + A4:2007 for toys and EN 12586:2007 for babies chains.

Please note:

Our toys are made of a high-quality, natural material. They can be cleaned with warm water. They sould not be disinfected using caustic chemicals. As a natural product, wood itself has an antibacterial effect. Babies can put Heimess toys in their mouths without the slightest risk. Like any other toys, wooden toys also wear down - theis safety is not impaired by colour abrasion.

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Diego on 09/08/2014

Più estetica che utilità, il bimbo tendenzialmente non ne è attratto. Sono fiducioso per la dentizione sfruttando le caratteristiche dell'ambra.

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