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Patented by GG Innovation and totally produced in Italy with certified ecological materials, the AGUNGA diapers  consist of two element: the outer underpant and the absorbing tampon. The underpant is made of Natural untreated Cotton outside (waterproof thanks to a  light polyurethane coating for a proper breathability) and vegetable starch fiber (Ingeo certificated) in touch with the skin.
In the dedicated pockets inside the underpant, on both the front and back sides, you have to insert the absorbing tampon, made of starch fiber (side touching the skin) and PU coated Polyester (side in touch with the underpant).

Size 1: 1/3 months (3/7 kg) - 5 diapers + 5 tampons

Size 2: 3/9 months (7/10 kg) - 5 diapers + 5 tampons

Size 3: 10/20 months (10/15 kg) - 5 diapers + 5 tampons

Colours available: white with red hearts, white with beige heart, blu with white dots.

Resons to choose Agunga:

1 the contact with the vegetable starch fiber relieves redness and dermatitis;
2 natural fibers maintain normal body temperature and reduce unpleasant smells (page 19);
3 the shape and texture of the pad allow, in smaller babies, a more open position of the legs, ensuring them to reach the correct positioning of the hips;
4 the different degree of absorption (compared to the disposable diapers) teach the child how to control his physiological functions in shorter time, since he quickly acquires awareness of the pee / poo arrival, and teaching him to conquer the potty-chair in advance;

5 when the pad is no longer needed you can put it same as the used clothing, allowing it a new life through recycling.

How do you wash them:

If you want to prevent halos the only important thing you need to do is to avoid pee and poo to dry on the pad. If the baby did just pee, remove the pad, soak it in cold water or directly wash  it (see below). If the panty is not dirty it  can be reused immediately.

If the child did the poo and the monouse hypoallergenic cellulose veil  was placed upon the pad, just remove the veil and discard it in the WC or in the Damp container (everything is biodegradable!) and then proceed to the washing of the pad and panty.

If the child did the poo and the monouse hypoallergenic cellulose veil was not placed upon the pad, remove any solid residues throwing them in the toilet and quickly prewash the pad using cold or lukewarm water in order to remove any organic material before becoming dry.

Then proceed to wash both the pad and the panty. If you are out and you cannot do any kind of pre-wash, use the bag in  bioplastic vegetable starch supplied by us in the kit or any other container for storing the still dirty diaper and keep it moist until the arrival at home.


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