Wheat Germ Oil

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Wheat Germ Oil, emollient and anti-inflammatory properties, obtained by pressing the seeds of various species of wild rose, primarily by Rosa moschata Herrm. This oil can be used pure or mixed with other oils and is suitable for the treatment of dry and cracked skins and mature skin to reduce age signs.

Size 110 ml

Olipuri is the Officina Naturae line consisting of selected and quality vegetable and organic oils for cosmetic use for those who want to take care of themselves with a few simple ingredients.
cosmetic oils for the body

  • 100% pure and cold-pressed
  • Guaranteed without perfumes or other added substances
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Not tested on animals

Officina Naturae born from a experience of a Solidarity Group Purchase of Rimini with the goal of producing cosmetics and environmentally friendly cleaning products, eco-friendly, safe for humans and the environment and with a non-polluting and ethical process. With these assumptions were born cosmetics and detergents from simple formulations, effective, organic ingredients, fair trade and at km 0 and packaging design and the increasingly eco composition.

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