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Washable woman menstrual night pads in bamboo for super flow.

Externally has a lyner of PUL which is waterproof. The absorbent inner layer is made of microfiber, the part in contact with skin is made of unbleached natural bamboo terry.

Dimensions: 30x7,5 cm. (refer to absorbent part). Fastens with a plastic popper underneath your underwear.

Pack of 1.

Made in Italy by brand Italmamy.

Bamboo has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties, which remain unaltered even after washing.

Easy to clean: remove stains with Marseille soap and cold water, and then you can quite put it in the washing machine along with the rest of your laundry. Pads can be machine washed at 50/60°C degrees and air dried, also in the sun.  Please do not use fabric softner or bleach as over time this inhibits the absorbency of the fabric. Do not iron. Bamboo will remain very soft even in hard water areas. For stains that do not go away you can use a table spoon of sodium percarbonate salt.

The externaly part of the pads are available in several colors. They will be sent as available. The coloured part does not fade.


Insert: 100% microfiber terry

Outer layer: 100% polyester laminate (PUL) Oeko Tex

Inner: 100% micro viscose sponge bamboo Oeko Tex

The reusable pads are:

- Better for the environment because they do not produce waste

- Better for your body, which will be in contact with natural fabrics

- Better for your economy, make the purchase once and use them for many years


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Francesca on 06/11/2018

Lo indosso quando il flusso non è abbondante e devo dire che è fresco e abbastanza comodo (se non per il fatto che tende a spostarsi leggermente, non essendo adesivo come gli assorbenti "usa e getta"). Si lava facilmente, ma, essendo in tessuto naturale, ci mette anche un giorno intero ad asciugarsi in casa o col tempo non soleggiato.

cristina on 22/05/2015

Li ho provati per la prima volta, e devo dire che sono rimasta stupita dalla loro comodità e morbidezza, nessuna irritazione o fastidio nell'indossarli.
Sono anche molto semplici da lavare.
Sono davvero un prodotto fantastico.

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