Wooden baby gym and walker Henry

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The Fitness Centre for the very little ones. Walker and baby gym to develop the motor skills of the baby.

A funny and safe wooden toy that will entertain your baby, he will hava fun playing with rattles developing his ability to grasp objesct.

Recommend age 3 months for the gym, and as toddler the walker will help him get around.

Size: 70x70x36 cm.

Made 100% in Germany.

Dimensioni: 70x70x36. the product will be provided disassembly.

Selected indigenous woods, non-toxic coulours, saliva resistant. Metal parts made of stainless steel. Formaldehyde-free glue.

Baby toys made of wood are indispensable for sensory perception (hearing, seeing, grasping), the development of motor skills and the improvement of coordination. This conveys many sensory impressions which help the baby to explore its surroundings.

Grasping, spinning, turning, touching, hearing, feeling, shaking, tasting, smelling, searching, watching, and lots of fun playing!!!

With grasping toys it's easy for babies learn to distinguish sounds and materials.

Made 100% in Germany

Wood is a natural and ecological material. Simply clean with warm water and dry thoroughly (do not use detergents to clean), do not expose it to moisture prolonged.

This is way our toys are the right for you:

- they are produced under environmentally friendly conditions and with environmntally friendly materials

- they conform with the European Toy Safety Standard EN 71 and all other safety standards

- there is a very extensive range of toys for babies and toddlers

- they are made by one of the few companies that still manufacture in Germany

- they are exclusively made from European wood, for example beech and maple wood

- their designs are so colourful, innovative and child-friendly

Info about the company

Our target groups are infants and small children, so for us, security is the top priority. Continual checks guarantee a superior quality and compliance with EN 71 and all other safety regulations. We have a wide range of colorful, child-friendly and innovative toys. Of dummy chains, rattles, puzzles and clip figures to rocking horses our products are 100% manufactured in Germany. We use only local woods such as beech and maple, and process this always under environmentally friendly conditions with environmentally friendly materials. Our efforts is to make a bit more interesting the lives of babies and children from the first day, and encourage their development.

Our company was founded in 1990 in the small village of Olbernhau. Was initially exclusively handmade present, modern technology is now in use. Various CNC machines, robots and modern printing techniques ensure that despite production in Germany, our products are yet to purchase at reasonable prices.



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