Fidelity card

Earn points with every purchase and save on your next order! >> Read the rules .

The program points Altramoda was created to thank customers for their loyalty, and to make their purchases more affordable .

On this page you can verify all the actions that will earn you points.


At the end of each order the points are automatically credited to your Fidelity Card Points are calculated based on the items you have purchased! Earn 1 point for every uro that you spend!


Collect points and you will automatically receive a discount on your next purchase.

The points credited NOT expire.


Through this method, you are free to choose what to give as a prize over 2,000 articles on!

If you'll have enough points you can pay entire orders, drawing from the balance Point Program, or only a part.


How much are my points?

1 point equalsEuro cent

- How many points do I earn for each purchase completed successfully (order delivered to the recipient)?

For every order sent you accumulate 1 point for every euro spent.

Are excluded from the count of points:

- The cost of shipping,

- The amounts paid with Discount Coupons and Gift Card

Points are awarded to rounding. (Ex: Order value 11.5 = Points accumulated 12)

Ypur points are summarized in your shopping cart.

If the products are subject to the application of discounts, vouchers, or for reaching a threshold discount, points are recalculated in the light of the new conditions.

N.B. At certain times, some products may provide a number of points higher.

- How can I check the status of my Fidelity Card?

On your customer account you can view your situation of points accumulated.

- How can I redeem my points?

The accumulated points will be automatically discounted from your next purchase before paying the order .

- Is there a limit to use the points ?

They expire after 9 months.

- Other warnings?

Points will be credited only to those who make the order through the website, telephone orders and mails will NOT be eligible for points .

Altramoda reserves the right to change this regulation in its sole discretion .

Any misconduct in the accumulation points is not allowed. The violation of the regulation will result in the elimination of accumulated points without the possibility of conversion.

NB collection points is only valid for orders placed on the site


Earn 1 point for every €uro spent on purchases!

1 point equals 1 Euro cent discount on your next order .

100 points € 1.00 - € 0.10 10 points - 1 point € 0.01