Secure Payment

All product prices include 22% Italian VAT and are valid for private purchaser.

Companies and VAT number holders requiring an invoice to deduct the VAT paid, must communicate us a VAT number valid for international transactions, and can pay only via bank transfer.

Following payment methods are accepted (and only in Euro):

• Bank transfer

• Pay Pal

• Credit or debit card


- Bank transfer on following bank account:

Altramoda SRL

IBAN IT76D0521668290000000140176

swift/ bic BPCVIT2S

Credito Valtellinese - branch of Fossombrone

For the international bank transfer we recommend using “SEPA credit transfer”

Once the amount transferred has been credited to our bank account, we will proceed with shipment of the ordered products.

The full order amount has to be transferred within 5 days of the order date. If the amount is not credited within the given time limit, your order will be cancelled.


- Credit or debit card

The purchased products can be paid on-line using one of the following card - VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard.
At the end of the purchase procedure, by selecting the credit card type you are re-addressed to the site of the virtual Pos Gipsy, where you can make your payment in a secure manner. This payment system enables secure transactions, as all finantial information (credid card number, expiring date, etc.) are directly addressed to server Gipsy, which thanks to a system made up of a certified SSL cryptographic protocol, guarantees the security of all on-line transactions. For these reasons your credit card details are not accessible to us, thus we’ll not be able to record or store them in anyway.

Moreover, before to cash in the amount corresponding to the products added in your cart, availability and integrity of each product will be checked.
In case of full or partial unavailability of the ordered products, the total amount will be reimboursed into your credit card ot bank account.


How to pay by credit card:
Since June 2011 banks must comply with the EU Directive providing for one additional security protocol for credit card on-line transactions.
3D Secure is the name of this protocol, which needs to be activated before making on-line payments. For this purpose access to your Visa or Mastercard administration site and look for the secure purchase section where you’ll be asked to insert a phrase and an alphanumeric password (including small and capital letters and numeric characters). This will make your on-line purchases more secure, as every time you will buy on-line this password will be required while filling the payment form.

Please contact your bank or your credit card toll-free number for further information.
Once linked to Banca di Credito Cooperativo website for making your payment, you’ll need to have at disposal your 3D Secure password and your credit card for entering all required data.
PLEASE ENTER ALL DATA ACCURATELY AND COMPLETE THE PROCEDURE WITHIN 5 MINUTES, otherwise the system will disconnect you and an ERROR will occur in the payment procedure.

Data to be entered:
1 – Card Holder Name: Please enter exact data as written on the card, that is Name and Surname, or Surname and Name.
2 – Enter your card number
3 – Enter your card security code: The CSC is located in the back of the card and is typically a separate group of 3 or 4 digits to the right of the signature strip.
4 - Select Visa or Mastercard
5 – Enter the expiration month/year of your card
6 – Please enter your e-mail address

What to do if the payment procedure fails:
a – Check the balance of your prepaid card or verify that your credit card limit has not been exceeded.
b – Check all entered data for correctness and don’t forget to digit them as written on your card.
c – Verify that the 3D Secure password for your card has been activated.
d – Verify that the payment procedure has been ended within five minutes. If not, the system has disconnected you and an error has occured in the payment procedure.
e- The payment system will keep your computer cookies stored for approx. half an hour (1 hour at the longest). This could make unsuccessful an eventual second payment attempt. Therefore you can try later again or make your purchase using another computer.
f – Transactions may fail if the server of your bank is temporarily overloaded. Try again after a few minutes or select a different payment method . Otherwise, while ordering you can select the payment option “bank transfer”, but you’ll add a note informing us you prefer to pay by credit card. We’ll proceed then emailing you a request for payment of the total amount.

Further security information:
This store uses Gipsy, the system of Banca di Credito Cooperativo del Metauro for on-line credit card payment.

All credit card data are only processed by Banca di Credito Cooperativo del Metauro in order to execute the routine checking to authorize online payment. The selling company won’t have access to the credit card data, but will only manage the purchaser data (name, surname, address...) needed for sending the purchased products to the given delivery address.


- PayPal

PayPal is a fast, reliable and innovative method to pay and get paid online.
Using PayPal is very simple: you set up a free account, confirm your e-mail address and link a payment method to your PayPal account. Now you can shop on-line and pay with a few clicks. Selecting PayPal as a payment you don’t need to re-enter nor to share your finantial information with the seller every time you make a purchase.
You just have to link your credit/prepaid card to your PayPal account. No matter if you don’t have a card: You can easily add money to your PayPal account with a bank transfer.

If you choose to pay by PayPal, you’ll be linked to PayPal official website and your credit/prepaid card will be charged for the amount of your purchase.
In any moment of the purchase procedure, Altramoda will be able to gather the information of the customer’s credit card, as these are directly and solely trasmitted to PayPal website through a protected connection system.

In case of full or partial cancellation of order or non-acceptance by us, the total amount will be credited back to your PayPal account.

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