Organic wool

Organic wool

Organic wool means wool from certified organic farms. In these farms sheep feed on organic food and are treated with natural products (homeopathic and phytotherapic); in one hectare of land you can raise a maximum of 13 animals, even the stables must ensure adequate space and access to open spaces (there are therefore specific European Union rules established in the Ministerial Decree of 2000). The organic wool therefore certifies the type of breeding in which it was produced.

Natural wool, whether organic or not, is untreated wool with chemical agents in the processing and production phase up to the finished product. The natural wool thus obtained is rich in protein and has a composition similar to that of human skin. Natural wool has unique characteristics: it maintains constant heat, is very transpiring and regulates the wet (it is able to absorb liquids up to a third of its weight and release them outwards).

Among the various types of wool deserves to be applied the organic merino wool widely used by our producers, this wool has particularly fine fibers from which we obtain a very soft to the touch fabric, thermoregulator and very breathable.

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