Modal®, a special ingredient that gives clothes and underwear great wearability and comfort. It is the world's first fiber derived from 100% beech wood coming exclusively from forestry regulated by standards and grown using sustainable methods.

It is produced by the Austrian company Lenzing, owner of the Modal® brand with Edelweiss processing technology, based on innovative processes based on oxygen and CO2 Neutral, which contributes to reducing the consumption of energy and water.

Both cellulose and fiber production respect the principle of sustainability. Being substances that can be valorised, the by-products that result from the production process are then resold. One example is xylose, which is subsequently used for the production of sweetener.

A Lenzing owner of the Modal® brand has been awarded the "European ECO-Label" award, which confirms that the fiber is completely free of chlorine and toxic substances and consists only of sustainable forestry wood.

The smooth surface of Modal® fiber and therefore the fabric prevents the deposit of minerals during washing and therefore hardening even after many washes and guarantees the longevity of the fabrics.

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