Are you tired of the usual gifts, many of which are unnecessary and that it would use ever?? To avoid having to recycle gifts with friends or relatives or leave them closed for decades in some cabinet Altramoda thought you offer a new service .

The Wish List also became Gif List and Birth List. In this way you can choose what items you would desire to receive! Once created you can share your list with your friends via email or facebook to invite them to give you a gift!




Your ecofriendly lifestyle would want for you and your baby healthy clothing, quality and wooden games , clean and safe accessories... so we know that most of the gifts you receive probably will not be to your liking. With the gift list Altramoda everything is easier because you can choose what to receive and friends and family don't have to choose for you!

The Gift List can be used for all occasions for which you know that your friends are organizing to give you a gift. An important goal, your birthday, Christmas, etc ...




You're pregnant and you are already flooding with thousands of shoes, body at will, socks and toys of all kinds? Anticipate everyone and create the list of Birth Altramoda, so you decide what are the most important items that you want to receive, you can choose clothes for his next few months in order to avoid too many gifts of the same size with the risk of not using them , slings, set of washing diapers and all that you feel important for his natural growth.


Create your list is very simple. Follow these steps and you will have your list shared with your friends.

1. Go and if you don't have an account create one;

2. When surfing on the shop and see the products you like click add to wishlist;

3. Once you have added all the products you want, go to your wishlist, here you can still review your list and remove items.

4. Now share your Gift Birth or Birth List with your friends.

5. You can do it:

via facebook by clicking the "Share" or by copying and pasting the link in your page, in the post which will appear you can tag friends involved to warn them that your list is active;

via email by entering the email addresses of your friends in the field, an optional message and click send.

6. Your friends will be able to access your list and decide which gift give you. Whenever someone will make a gift you will be updated via email.

The articles included in your list will not be blocked by Altramoda so do not force you to buy them if they are not given away, and if a product is not available you and your friends will see it.

Deliveries will be processed as the orders will be made to the standard cost. The person making the gift can decide to send it directly to the person receiving or to sent it to his home in order to deliver it personally.


And now create your own GIFT LIST or BIRTH LIST to make your wish come true!



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