Here I am, I am Elena Mancinelli, Administrator and Founder of Altramoda,

My background is a degree with a specialisation in contemporary art and photography, and then in 2003 I drop everything and take a leap of faith, leaving the city and going to live on an organic cooperative farm, of which I become a partner. Little money, but intense contact with nature and animals, vegetarian and macrobiotic food, essentiality. I was passionate about biodynamic farming, the cultivation of medicinal herbs and natural cooking.
When I was expecting my first child in 2005, my partner and I also became interested in organic textiles, washable nappies and babywearing. At that time there was very little in Italy, but we felt it was a road to take, a vocation, it could not be otherwise...

Altramoda was born four years later, in 2009. Since then, the growth of the company has been very important, and today is the Italian e-commerce site where you can find the widest assortment of organic clothing and natural items for the whole family.

What has remained unchanged since the beginning is our commitment to offer ecological and organic products, to ensure a better and healthy future for our planet and consequently for our children, but also for ourselves. To do this, our search for eco & bio products is constant and we can offer high quality at an affordable price, and at the same time, to respect the ethical values ​​on which Altramoda is founded. In fact, we are careful in selecting those clothing and products for which it is possible to trace the supply chain, for which the rights of workers have been respected, which respect an ecological and sustainable production process and which are safe for our skin and our health.


Given all this, we are happy to accompany each person in the choice of our products through dedicated staff, with precise and professional advice, aimed at providing all useful and desired information.

Each package is generally shipped within 24 hours with a money-back guarantee and on our website,, you can find an Offers section for your most convenient purchases. - tel. 0039 721716129 - Whatsapp 0039 3892373873 Strada Provinciale Flaminia 71, Fossombrone (PU), Italy.





Altramoda is a small business, paying a lot of attention to relationships with customers. We carry out regular surveys which help us to understand our company’s strengths and weaknesses, and consequently to improve our way of working.
Trying to find the best way for satisfying our customers’ needs, we like being considered as a good support helping them to find the most suitable products and making their purchasing procedure easier.

Our features:

1 – Altramoda is the Italian e-commerce site where you can find the widest choice of organic clothing and natural products. You can order us textile products for every age range, in addition to toys, books, cosmetics, and natural items. In this way you can save time and money, as you would have just one supplier for all the products you may need.

2 – A professional and kind staff takes care of our web site. All inquiries are usually answered personally within few hours; the best possible solutions for everyone are recommended; parcels are packed accurately; all questions received will get our answer.

3 – Parcels are sent within 24 hours of order receipt in all business days (Monday to Friday). Delivery time in Europe is estimated within 3 or 4 days after parcel has been shipped in all business days. All shipments are monitored and it is possible to get the tracking number for checking the shipment status.

4 – MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We assure you can return the goods within 15 days, with no obligation on your part of specifying the reason of return. The return of the goods must be communicated in advance and is at your own charge and risk (you can choose among following solutions: priority mail, registered parcel, ordinary parcel). Immediately after having received the goods back we’ll ship you a product change at our expense or we’ll credit you the amount paid for the returned goods, non including the freight costs.

5 – In case of advice needed, you can rely on our kindness and competence; as we like to establish good connections based on mutual trust, we always recommend our customers to buy only those products which can fully satisfy their needs. We prefer to address customers to different companies if we cannot supply the appropriate product.

6 – Altramoda web site offers only certified organic products or ecological products. We build long-term relationships with our suppliers and we check certifications and history of the same companies accurately. We always keep ourselves well informed and updated on quality and ethicality of organic and ecological products through the media.

7 – We make constant efforts for assuring our customers TOP QUALITY AT BEST PRICE. For this purpose we have selected our products among dozens of suppliers, allowing us to sell at competitive prices complying with ethicity of product and work.

8 – “To err is human”…although we always try to do our best! Thus, in case of mistakes concerning packaging, shipping or other, we’ll quickly and accurately reply and redress all possible inconveniences. We assure you will get a prompt answer.

9 – Special offers and discounts for our best customers and for those signing-up for our NEWSLETTER will allow them to take advantage of our products at any time.

10 – Relax! We’ll do what’s needed for providing you a great service...because we love to work this way, and this is what makes the difference.



We’ll try to describe in few lines about the spirit leading us to start this trade business, as well as about the ethical criteria our business is built on. We share the values of degrowth and sustainability and we aim to work honestly and with full transparency. We prefer being in contact with aware consumers as these ones give the right value to quality and ethics of our products. We believe that following values make the difference concerning organic-ecological clothing and ecological products: supply chain traceability, clear price composition, workers’ rights protection, connection to the territory, sustainability and ecologicity of production processes, transport optimization and packaging reduction, product durability and rapid biodegradability at life cycle end, as well as healthiness of fabrics on consumers’ skin. For the above reasons we are always at disposal for answering to any question received, and ready to better ourselves, if needed. Asking is always licit for those consumers wanting to orient their own consumption critically, as production and consumption are social actions affecting the community.

We therefore propose clothing and underwear with following order of priorities:

  1. We select “Made in Italy” products, produced in companies certified by Icea and Gots, who can guarantee for organic fibres, non-toxic pigments, low environmental impact, ethical certification of working conditions. Concerning “Made in Italy” products, we also cooperate with companies having a mixed production, both conventional and organic (of course with separated production chains) as we believe it is right to give the necessary time to those traditional companies willing to convert their production into a sustainable and certified one.

  2. We get those products we cannot manage in Italy from European Companies (Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic), considered the historical pioneers of natural clothing, who have been operating in this field for years, and producing only very high quality organic clothing, certified by Gots, IVN, EKO, Oeko Text, Skal, etc.

  3. As a last resort we buy organic clothing produced in Asia, provided that it is certified by Fair Trade both regarding the harvesting of textile fibres, and manufacturing. In addition to Fair Trade certification or Flo certification (safeguarding social justice), these items bear the organic cotton certification and the eco-certification for hemp and bamboo. Moreover we select said companies for their interest and commitment in reducing the environmental impact as well as the resource optimization.

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