Cosilana is a 100 % sustainable Company and offers cosy garments as light as a feather, which guarantee a comfortable everyday life. You will experience a natural wellbeing. Their philosophy is more up-to-date than ever – regardfulness and daily responsibility  will guarantee a sustainable future of the planet and our children.
Cosilana only uses natural materials such as merino wool, fine staple fibre silk and organic cotton, as well as mixtures from these high quality fibres for production.
• certified by GOTS
• from controlled organic cultivation
• from controlled adequate animal housing
• patterns adequate for children to guarantee absolute free moving
• cosy and soft fleece garments for babies and children to grow up with them
• natural materials of high quality with the excellent capability to regulate children’s warmness
• Cosilana products are valuable, natural uniques with a character of absolute cosiness for your child by using excellent qualities and mixtures and special manufacturing processes.
• Made in Germany