The CusciniBio company put down its first roots in 1980 where, in their garage at home, they began processing materials into handmade cushions and mattresses. The most commonly used materials were wool and cotton, which were processed by hand to preserve their integrity and properties and combined with natural cotton and linen fabrics.

Today, as then, CusciniBio is a family-run business, selecting organic materials in harmony with nature to offer a healthy rest that regenerates body and spirit.

All products - pillows, mattresses, futons, quilts, sheets - are GMO free, free of chemical pesticides and artificial fertilisers out of respect for man, animal, earth and groundwater.

In the era of globalisation, choosing a local or Italian product gives artisans the opportunity to continue the tradition of their craft.

The CusciniBio company has been internationally certified GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard - since 2013. Their products labelled as 'Organic' have a content of natural fibres from organic farming of more than 95%, do not contain and do not release hazardous substances such as heavy metals nor carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic substances.

In the manufacture of these GOTS-certified organic textile products, practices, techniques and/or technologies have been adopted that allow for a reduction of chemicals, water and energy, while respecting workers' rights throughout the production chain.



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