Apepak is the multipurpose natural food wrap made of cotton and beeswax that brings ecology to the kitchen.Use it to bring a sandwich to school, fruit in the office, store bread or seal the leftovers dish.

Apepak is produced by the Social Cooperative L'Incontro in Italy, which offers socio-sanitary, educational and training services, and promotes the job placement of disadvantaged and marginalized people.

Thus the members of the Cooperative, through the production of Apepak, have the opportunity to reintegrate socially and regain their dignity during work, producing a good that helps the environment and reduces waste in our homes.

Apepak replaces disposable paper, plastic and aluminum wrappers. It is guaranteed up to 100 uses, but with due care, it can last up to two years. By using Apepak daily you save the oceans 1 square meter of disposable plastic per day; remuneration 30 minutes of work for a disadvantaged member of L'Incontro Cooperativa Sociale; Support 3 days of work for our Italian honey bees which are classified among the endangered species; Incentives for the cultivation of cotton from organic farming with an ethical supply chain.



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