Pure pure Caps - and Accessories-Collection consist of 100% natural fibres which make you feel good. Pure beauty comes from nature itself.

pure pure encorporates a modern and clear design with an age-appropriate functionality and high-quality processing. A glorious play of colours and an intense attention to detail in the handicraft underline the distinctive and unmistakable style.

The brand pure pure is trying to find the balance between fashion and ecology. Their main issue is to ensure respect for our nature and for mankind. Therefore pure pure products are manufactured mainly in Germany and the European Union. The collection has been completed fair and has been inspected, without child labour or unnecessary damage to the environment. They only work with recognised manufacturers and processors and from Mai 2013 They are the first hats & caps manufacture, which is G.O.T.S certificated! More information's about G.O.T.S the Global Organic Textile Standard you can find under: www.global-standard.org

A collection created for people that not only have a social and ecological responsibility but that also enjoy cool and functional caps and accessories!