The Happy diapers are produced in Poland and the manufacturing company TZMO wanted to create a great product for those looking for a breathable and environmentally friendly diaper of the baby's skin, at a cost in line with the market prices of diapers, disposable traditional. Bella Baby Happy are disposable diapers:

- Without petroleum;

- Bleached without the use of chlorine;

- Without latex;

- Without perfumes;

- Dermatologically tested

- The material is breathable, very soft and absorbent and are equipped with elastic barriers in the rear and on the sides.

- Present a moisture indicator that will facilitate you to decide when it's time to change diapers

- Green Magic absorbent fabric that distributes moisture quickly along the absorbent surface of the diaper to remain doing the baby's skin always dry.

- In large velcro closures and ealstiche, with the possibility of repositioning practices

This is why many parents eager for a natural product, but who want a higher than compostable nappies performance, or who prefer to move towards a non too expensive diaper, have chosen with pleasure the Happy diapers